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Earth Valentine

In February I made this valentine for the earth, which I handed out at our February Climate Revolutions bike ride.

It started with this drawing of the earth and a bicycle, which I transferred to a 4 X 6-inch linoleum block, and cut with gouges and knives. (My first linoleum block in years!)

I used black block printing ink, rolled out with a brayer on my pallet, then spread onto the block. Then I placed pre-cut printing paper on top and rubbed.

I added the blue wash after the ink dried.
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Last spring we got together to silkscreen some patches-- these are small logos on cloth that we pin onto clothing or bikes or packs. We hand them out for free at our Climate Revolutions meetings, for people to wear, and our goal is to start seeing them all over town!

Last week we cut out and painted more to hand out.

And at our last bike ride, I took these photos.

Parade Banner

Our 350 and Climate Revolutions group will ride our bikes in Eugene's annual street parade, and we made a banner! It's ten-feet long, and say:
Step Up For Climate  Bike Everyday!

Stamp-Printed pins

I went out of town for a Quaker Annual Session, and I wanted to bring a small project that I could work on during plenaries and other meetings.

I decided to make some stamp-printed pins to give away.

Artivistas Get-Together

Some of us got together to cut, sew, and paint our patches. (We had snacks and conversation too.)

My finished flag

I finally got this new flag hemmed and attached to my bike!


I stenciled this yesterday onto a scrap of gortex, with acrylic paints and a stencil brush-- and had lots of fun with the colors. My next step is to heat set the paint with an iron, and hem the edges.